Ole' Miss Rebels' Tournament Chances

        What do we make of the Ole' Miss Rebels? This team has lost to Middle Tennessee State and Indiana State, but has since won six in a row, including 3 SEC wins at Tennessee and at Vanderbilt and home against Missouri.

        As good as the Rebels have been, they have been equally as bad at times, but at 3-0, they sit atop the SEC all alone.

        Ole Miss is averaging 82.8 points per game, 4th best in the country, with the 9th highest tempo. The Rebels have the penetration of guards Nick Williams and Jarvis Summers, with the floor spacing of SEC leading scorer Marshall Henderson, and game-changing big men Murphy Holloway and Reginald Buckner. The offensive philosophy has been attack the basket and get to the free-throw line and that's just what the Rebels have been successful at.

        The team's biggest weakness that will likely haunt them all season long, is Ole Miss' dependence on the 3-point shot, attempting the 72nd most shots from behind the arc, but connecting on just 31 percent of these shots, the 244th ranked team in the country. Specifically, Marshall Henderson who has attempted the 3rd most shots from behind the arc, 11 per game, yet he hits just 36 percent of these shots.

        If Henderson and the Rebels cannot get more higher percentage shots, they will continue to live and die by their 3-point accuracy.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 1 -20- 13