Washington's Aziz N'Diaye: 7-Foot NBA Prospect

        Washington's 7-foot senior center Aziz N'Diaye is having a career-year: 11.3 points, 65 percent shooting from the floor, 9.2 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game are all highs for the Huskies' center. Scouts are starting to look more into the 7-foot terror for Washington as a potential second-round pick.

        There's no question- Aziz N'Diaye still has plenty of growing to do- physically in filling in his giant frame and long wingspan and the resulting coordination, and furthering his offensive game. While the coordination aspect will follow with time, N'Diaye's offensive game has taken a great step up this season. Through 3 Pac-12 contests, all surprising road victories for Washington, he is shooting 18-for-23 from the field. This improved scoring and rebounding ability has been crucial.

        Another huge area of improvement for the center has been his free-throw rate.  His 65.4 mark is a best, as is his still well-below par (but an improvement nonetheless) free throw shooting of 47.3 percent. These free points have been carrying over into confidence and development, much needed for the 7-footer.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 1 -20- 13