Villanova' Yarou Gaining Interest

        It's been a long four years for scouts waiting for Villanova' 6'9" power forward Mouphtaou Yarou to fulfill his potential. But midway through his senior season, Yarou is beginning to live up the hype.

        He's a big-bodied, wide-shouldered power forward, a true low-post player, still developing on both ends of the floor but shows flashes of his potential should an NBA team take a chance on him in the second-round of the 2013 NBA Draft. Along with his raw skill set, especially on the offensive end, Yarou will be 23 years old at the time of the Draft and truly not-NBA ready, meaning he would have to continue his hot streak to push up into the second round, but is more likely going undrafted.

        Speaking of Yarou's potential, over the last three games, Yarou is averaging 30 minutes per, averaging 15 points and 9 rebounds, with about 2 blocks per game, nearly one-third of his season total in this stretch.

        Consistency is key for Yarou. He often deals with foul trouble due to his lack of lateral mobility on the offensive end, meaning Villanova is often without their big man. And if the Wildcats want to move from the bubble into the 2013 NCAA Tournament field of 68, and Yarou has hopes of getting picked in the NBA Draft, he will need to be on the court more often than not.

By Staff Writer - 2 -4- 13