Nerlens Noel Closing In On #1 Pick

        Kentucky forward Nerlens Noel is locking up the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft with his recent play, exceptional as of late.Just weeks ago, there was a log-jam of candidates for this top honor, but Noel is separating himself.

        At 6'10", 225 pounds, Noel, a freshman for the Wildcats, is a tremendous athlete, quick leaper and possesses an excellent wingspan. Often compared to his shot-blocking predessor, Anthony Davis, last year's 2012 NBA Draft's top pick, Noel is an impact performer, but certainly less developed on the offensive end. But Noel's defensive abilities are climbing up into Davis' elite territory.

        In the past 6 Kentucky games, 5 of which were wins, Noel is averaging 10 points, 10 rebounds and 7 blocks per game; scouts are raving about Noel's ability to change the game, while attempting just 6.5 shots per game.

        Not only is Noel's play have him jumping out in front of NBA Draft boards, but Kentucky's back on track to getting into the 2013 NCAA Tournament as well.

By Staff Writer - 2 -7- 13