Minnesota's Trevor Mbakwe Stock Improves Against Indiana

        For many reasons, sixth-year senior Trevor Mbakwe was never seen as a first-round pick. He's a tad bit undersized at 6'8", already 24 years old, a spotty injury history, has a history of off-the-court issues in his past and so on… but Mbakwe is a undeniably a first-round talent. He is a game-changing forward on both ends given his toughness, energy and intensity. He controls the glass on both ends of the floor despite playing just under 25 minutes per game.

        But there is likely a team out there at the end of the first-round, say in the 25-30 range that would be willing to look at Mbakwe's potential and immediate impact at the next level rather than an upside pick with the risk of failure. Mbakwe has the strength, energy and athleticism, even with the checkered injury-filled past, to mix it up with NBA power forwards as a reserve next year and still produce.

        Mbakwe had a stellar performance against the top-ranked Indiana Hoosiers in an upset win, dampening Cody Zeller's NBA Draft stock, but also elevating his to the point of second-round pick given the flags surrounding him.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 2 -28 13