Last 4 Games Before Selection Sunday

        With only 4 games left on the season before Selection Sunday, let's look at the #1 and #2 seeds for the big dance.  With Louisville's dramatic comeback in the Big East title game, they skyrocketed all the way into the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament. Louisville scored 56 points in the 2nd half to complete their comeback against Syracuse. Kansas' convincing performance in the Big 12 championship against Kansas state has catapulted the Jayhawks into the No.2 seed overall. At no fault of their own, Gonzaga did everything in their power to keep the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament. The Bulldogs won the West Coast Conference Championship, but that wasn't enough. Gonzaga now slips down to the No. 3 seed overall. With Indiana's loss in the Conference Championship, they slide to the No. 4 overall seed. Indiana is praying that they stay in as a No. 1 seed because that means they get to play in the Indianapolis in the Midwest bracket.

        Miami is the No. 5 overall seed right now, but they still have the ACC championship to play in later today. With a win against North Carolina, they could possibly bump Indiana out of a #1 seed. With a win today, Miami's fate is still not certain as it will be left up to the selection committee. Rounding out the rest of the #2 seeds are Duke, Ohio State, and Florida.

        The North Carolina Tar Heels are a team that has the most to gain with a win against Miami in the ACC Championship today. If Ole Miss. wins today against Florida in the SEC conference championship, Ole miss will win an automatic bid and knock one team off the board to the "first four" in. This means a team like Dayton or Saint Mary's will certainly be glued to the TV screens today. Five teams tournament hopes rest solely on the selection committee. Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Southern Miss. and Kentucky will have to wait and hope that the selection committee likes one of their resume's more than what the "experts" think.

By Steven Spector - 3 -17-13