Cavs Have Tough Draft Day Decision

        With the 2013 NBA draft just days away, the Cleveland Cavaliers have kept their lips tightly sealed on who they will select. In past years, there is usually a clear cut choice who the team drafting first will take, not so much this year. Does Cleveland know who they will draft? Will Cleveland make a trade out of the 1st draft slot?

        Possible and most talked about draft night selections include Nerlens Noel from Kentucky, or Alex Len from Maryland. Both are big men who have injuries prior to the draft. Without either player being able to work out for Cleveland, they are left with interviews and game film. Noel is a long athletic big man who is an amazing shot-blocker and a good rebounder. Where Noel needs to improve is on the offensive side of the ball. Noel weighed in at 206 lbs at the combine and will need to gain a lot of weight and get stronger to handle other big men in the NBA. The other possible big man Cleveland would consider with the first overall pick is Maryland Center Alex Len. Len is a legit 7-footer who is a skilled big man with a solid perimeter game and a solid touch about the basket. His defensive skill set is not anywhere near Noel's, but he is a good shot-blocker and rebounder. Len is more polished offensively and is more of a complete player right now.

        Len should be drafted somewhere between pick #1 and pick #6, while Noel should be the first or second player drafted. Another factor that has to be considered is that Len should be able to suit up and contribute before Noel can this upcoming NBA season. The word on the street is that Noel's limited offensive skills make him more of a bust candidate, while Len has a better all around game. Based upon the Cavs draft history, Noel will be the selection based upon a number of factors. The Cavs are less likely to focus on which prospect will have the greatest impact now, and take the player they think will be better down the road. The Cavs have a proven track record of taking young, less experienced prospects that show big upside. Lastly, Cleveland has selected players that have historically graded out strongly in the various analytic measures that their team employs. All signs point to Nerlens Noel being the #1 overall pick, but do not rule out Len, or a trade (probably for a small forward).

By Steven Spector - 6 -25-13