New York Teams in Trouble

        With the Nets moving from New Jersey To Brooklyn, the Nets are no longer New Jersey's problem. Knicks fans are sick to their stomach with their team's losing ways and the continuous Melo drama. Brooklyn's team is struggling with injuries and Coach Jason Kidd's antics.

        Let's start with the New York Knicks last game, a loss by 2 to the Denver Nuggets. Carmelo Anthony's return to Denver started with his team owning a 3-11 record and ended with a 3-12 record. There is much more to this story than just the Knicks losing yet another game. Melo missed a contested jumper at the buzzer to end his 2nd game back in Denver since he was traded. Melo was guarded by a much smaller Randy Foye and had his last second fall away jumper tipped. Melo and the disappointing Knicks lost their 8 straight game and fell to 3-12 on the season. After the previous night's loss to the Clippers in L.A. the team called a team meeting in the visitor's locker room at the Staples Center. Coach Mike Woodson and the rest of the team believed they were only 1 win away from turning their season around. A win against the Nuggets on the road would have had the Knicks believing but instead it adds more turmoil to the Knicks franchise.

        The New Jersey Nets packed up their bags and moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York. After Brooklyn traded for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry, signed PG Deron WIlliams to a contract Extension, the Nets were believed to be primed for a run at the Playoffs. Instead, the Nets are fighting through injuries trying to turn their season around. During the team's loss to the Lakers on Wednesday night, the team's new head coach and former player Jason Kidd decided out of desperation to try anything to win. That's what a team wants out of their head coach, right? Jason Kidd and the Nets had 8.3 seconds left in the game and were out of timeouts so what did Coach Kidd do? He instructed one of his players, Tyshawn Taylor to bump into him causing the coach to spill his drink all over the court. While the drink had to be cleaned up, the Nets huddled by Kidd while he drew up a play. The Nets still lost the game, and after losing last night again, the Nets have fallen to a 4-12 record. The spill was illegal and clearly was not an accident. Players are now being fined for flopping, so the league rightfully so decided to fine Coach Kidd $50,000.

By Steven Spector -11-30-13