McGary Forced to Enter NBA Draft

        Is Mitch McGary a first-round draft pick for any NBA team? Only his private workouts and combine results will tell. McGary blew his chance to be a lock for the first round after returning to school after his terrific freshman season which inlcuded his marvelous NCAA tournament. McGary returned for his sophomore season and encountered nothing but injuries.  In January, McGary was ruled out for the rest of the season due to a back problem. McGary failed a drug test given to him after a sweet 16 game this year even know he did not play in it. He said he smoked Marijuana one night in March.

        After testing positive, McGary has been suspended by the NCAA for the full upcoming season. McGary does not have much to lose, and a year of rest could be what McGary needs to heal his back and hone his skills. McGary is not taking that chance and is going to enter the 2014 NBA Draft instead of returning to Ann Arbor. McGary needs his back to check out in order for him to improve his draft stock. Right now, he is projected to be a second-round pick at best, and may go undrafted. McGary is a physical,  high energy player with a fantastic motor. He has excellent hands  and is a force in the paint. While McGary has proved to be a great shot-blocker and rebounder in the past, his back injury could change this. McGary will pray his back receives positive reports and hope to improve his post game. Now teams will have to worry about his back injury and his off the court issues and possible drug use.

By Steven Spector -4-25-14