Mudiay Heading Overseas

        Incoming Freshman Emmanuel Mudiay shocked the world when he chose to go to SMU and play for HOF Coach Larry Brown instead of Kentucky and John Calipari.  Mudiay was not only one of the top PG prospects coming into college, but he was one of the top prospects overall. Some even pegged Mudiay to be the no.1 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. Coach Brown even went as far as to say this about Mudiay, "He's the most special point guard I've ever seen at that age."

        Mudiay is making headlines again without playing a single minute above high school basketball. Sources told ESPN that his brothers and mother informed Coach Brown and his staff that Mudiay would no longer be playing for the SMU Mustangs for this upcoming season, and he would be heading overseas to play basketball. He claimed that his decision to leave school and play overseas had nothing to do with academic or off the court issues, but it was because he was "tired of seeing his mom struggle." This was the best way that he could provide financial stability for his family. Top high school players in the past such as Jeremy Tyler and Brandon Jennings have skipped College and played overseas, then they entered the NBA Draft. Jennings career seems to be panning out nicely, while quite the opposite has happened for Tyler. Only time will tell what happens with Mudiay's career.

By Steven Spector - 7-14-14