Kobe Bryant "The Closer"

        Kobe Bryant led his team to a game 1 victory vs. the Utah Jazz. As Bryant usually does, he takes over late in close games. Kobe is a fearless competitor. With Bryant on the Bench in the fourth quarter, his team gave up the lead to the Jazz. Bryant scored 31 points in game 1 but what is more impressive is that he scored 11 of his points in the final 4 minutes of the game. Bryant led his team to a game one victory which spells trouble for the Jazz. Head Coach Phil Jackson has a 45-0 record after his team wins game 1 of a playoff series. Coach Jackson has a 21-0 record with the Lakers after winning game 1 of a playoff series. The Lakers will need to shoot better from behind the arc to help take some pressure off Kobe Bryant. When the game is on the line, everyone wants the ball in Kobe's hands for the last shot.

By Steven Spector- 5-3-10