Free Agency Run Down

LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

        As expected, James opted out of his deal to become a free agent. This gives LeBron some leverage with the organization so that he has input into the team's off-season and to make sure management keeps his desires in mind. It doesn't hurt that this will allow James to sign an ever larger deal next season. I would be absolutely flabbergasted if James left Cleveland.

Marc Gasol - Memphis Grizzlies

        Gasol is expected to resign with the Grizzlies and possibly not even visit any other teams. Gasol would have to be crazy to jump ship to a team such as the Knicks or the Lakers and lose his shot at a NBA Championship and a winning culture.

Kevin Love - Cleveland Cavaliers

        Love is a possible free-agent who is on the fence as to sign with another team. He will most likely follow in LeBron's footsteps and sign another deal with an opt-out clause after one year for financial reasons. This also adds leverage for Love to have the Cavs incorporate him into the game plan even more than last season.

LaMarcus Aldridge - Portland Trailblazers

        The writing is on the wall that Aldridge will be moving on from Portland's organization. He has 7 visits lined up already with teams that include the Lakers, Knicks, Rockets and Mavericks, Spurs and more.

DeAndre Jordan - L.A. Clippers

        Jordan seems to be looking to leave L.A. for a larger role with a new team, and not play 3rd fiddle behind Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. It's believed that if Jordan should leave the west coast, it would be to play for the Mavericks. As of now, he is 50/50 on staying or leaving.

Goran Dragic - Miami Heat

        Dragic is likely to return to Miami and give himself a nice little raise. This would be a win-win situation for Dragic and the Heat.

Jimmy Butler - Chicago Bulls

        Rumors are running rampant that Butler wants to leave the windy city for a chance to be a star with the Lakers. The Bulls have offered Jimmy Buckets a 5-year max contract worth $90 million according to sources. Let's see Butler turn down that kind of cash. Don't be surprised to see Butler wearing the familiar red, black and white next season.

Kawhi Leonard - San Antonio Spurs

        Leonard will not be going anywhere. With Duncan, Ginobili and Parker not far off from sailing into the sunset, Leonard will be the new focal point for Greg Popovich. Mr. Leonard is looking at quite a raise.

Draymond Green - Golden State Warriors

        Would you want to play anywhere else if you were Draymond Green? Coming off an NBA Championship, with Curry and Thompson signed, Green will re-sign with the Warriors. Golden State has the best bargain in basketball last year as Green made under a million dollars and has earned the right for a raise.

Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat

        It would not seem right to see Wade in another uniform. Wade has played his entire career for the Heat. Wade is clearly on the decline and has sustained numerous injuries but, he puts fans in the seats in South Beach. Wade will most likely get a raise and stay in Miami after taking a pay cut to make room for the "Big 3."

By Steven Spector - 6-30-15