Dreams of Gold for Bryant

        Could Kobe Bryant ride off into the sunset with a 3rd gold medal from 2016 RIO Olympics? USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo has had a conversation with the black mamba about the possibility. Bryant said he didn't want a spot unless he earned it. Former Lakers' teammate Pau Gasol joked with Bryant that he would attend the Olympics to watch Gasol win another silver metal because Kobe and Team USA has beaten Spain and Gasol in back to back Olympics. Coach Mike Krzyzewski talked about the selection process and made it clear the staff tries to achieve a balance between honoring a player's previous service while recognizing the top emerging players. Kobe Bryant is entering his 20th season and possibly his final in the NBA. Look for the 12 man Olympic roster to be finalized after the 2016 NBA Draft.

By Steven Spector - 8-15-15