Luke Babbit- Sliding Under the Radar?

       A 1st Round prospect whose stock has been on a recent climb has been former Nevada Wolfpack forward, Luke Babbit. The 6'9" combo-forward was flying a bit under the radar despite being extremely productive in his first two collegiate seasons. While he isn't a great athlete, he can score both inside and out, and as the results from his shooting drills show, the NBA 3-point should make no difference for him. He knocked down 19-of-25 3s, 76%, tied for the second-best percentage in camp. On top of his deep, consistent range, Babbit also shot relatively well from the mid-range off of the dribble, hitting 16-of-24 15-to-18 foot jumpers.

        It's not just his shooting that front office personnel love- its also that he measured in at 6'9" with a 6'11"+ wingspan and a 37 " vertical leap to boast. Look for his stock to keep climbing, perhaps into the late lottery or just outside the first 14 picks.

By President - Corey Ruff - 6-3-10