With Motiejuans Out, International Names to Step Up

       With one of the highest rated forwards in this draft, Donatas Motiejunas, a 7-footer hailing from Lithuania, removing his name from consideration, who will step up? 5 teams own 2+ 1st Round picks this year, meaning the team can stock pile young talent on their bench, or follow a more logical trend of selecting an international prospect who perhaps is not quite ready to make the jump just yet, and keep him abroad.

        A few names I've been hearing that could step up into the 1st Round are Pablo Aguilar and Ryan Richards. Aguilar, a 6'8" combo forward from Spain, is best known for his perimeter shooting. He thrives as a catch-and-shoot scorer, but doesn't do much else. He is probably better suited to play the 4 at the next level, as he doesn't have the athleticism to play small forward, but he also lacks the size to cover NBA power forwards. Ryan Richards' stock has been on the rise in recent weeks as a lengthy left-handed big man, standing close to 7-feet, but he isn't a great athlete and still has to develop an offensive game. One of these players could certainly see a big boost in their stock with Motiejunas now out of the running this year.

By President - Corey Ruff - 6-9-10