Changes to the Draft looming?

        For the first time since 1988, it looks as if the annual NBA draft will be extended to a three-round process, instead of the current, two round, 60 pick method. But it's not just that additional round that will change, it could be the draft process as whole. Due to owners' concerns of a "level playing field" and desires of more parity between the large and small market teams, the first and second round of the new format will be revamped. Right now, we are looking at a couple of different proposals as outlined below:

        Proposal One: The worst 15 teams as determined by record (still in a weighted lottery-format) would receive picks 1-15 and then in order, these teams would fill out the remainder of the first round starting with pick 16 and ending with pick 30. And then the top 15 teams in the league would have the first 15 picks in the current "second round" (31-45) and double up with the remaining picks in that round (46-60). Confusing? For example, the Minnesota Timberwolves, who finished with the league's worst record this past season (17-65 overall), would have their lottery pick slated in the top four (the league's worst team can do no worse than the fourth overall pick) and then pick No. 16. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Chicago, the league's best team (62-20) would hold the No. 45 and No. 60 picks.

        Proposal Two: The worst eight teams by record would benefit by receiving an additional first-round pick, beginning with No. 23 - No.30. The best eight teams from the regular-season, would be pushed back, beginning with No. 31 - No. 38 in the second round and then receive the final eight picks of the second round as well. For example, using Minnesota and Chicago again, the Timberwolves would have a lottery pick slated in the top four and then pick-up No. 23 in the first round. Conversely, the Bulls would no longer possess No. 30 in this proposal, but instead No. 38 and then No. 60 as well.

By President - Corey Ruff - 9-7-11