Bruce Pearl and Tennessee Troubles

        On Friday, Tennessee's men's basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, publicly came out and acknowledged that he misled the NCAA with incorrect information during a 17-month investigation of the program. The coach came forward in a press conference, though teary-eyed, he apologized and came forward to correct his actions. Athletic Director Mike Hamilton levied a $1.5 million punishment over five years and prohibits the coach from participating in off-campus recruiting for a full year. Lesser penalties have been struck upon Pearl's assistant coaches.

        Pearl admitted to providing false information on allegations of excessive phone calls, using unauthorized phone and improper contact made with recruits. He will remain in Knoxville for another year at the helm, but he'll be paying a steep price for his slip-up.

        The NCAA has told the University that they expect the investigation to wrap up by the end of the year.

By President - Corey Ruff