#40 Cody Zeller | C

Hometown: Washington, IN

Height: 6'11"

Weight: 230

Position: Center

Team: Indiana

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Zeller's recruitment and commitment to Indiana was huge- getting the top in-state player to stay at home and even if he didn't live up to his gaudy expectations as a freshman, it was a sign of progress for the Hoosiers. However, Zeller is performing like a seasoned veteran, which could very well make him a mid-first round pick come June… He has the same competitive fire that his older brother Tyler for North Carolina has. Zeller boxes out hard, moves bodies away from the rim and then snatches the rebound with his length. On the offensive end, despite a frail frame, Zeller worked to gain offensive rebounding position as soon as he knew when the shot was going up… Aside from his size, his key attribute is his mobility, the way he moves and runs the floor. He has the quickness and speed for a 7-footer to grab the rebound and get down the floor in transition. Similarly, Zeller uses his mobility well to step-out and knock down mid-range jumpers, but comfortable enough to ball on the floor one or two times and take it strong to the rim. Or he can play in the post and will become better once he adds upper and lower body strength. Zeller moves well to keep his man sealed behind him and he has these great hands for lobs and rebounds. He has a soft touch and can score with either hand around the rim or turn, face-up and bank home a 5-footer…

The long, lean big man certainly has a ways to go in getting his body ready for the next level. He needs to add great overall body strength to make him a more physical presence in the paint on both ends of the floor, defending bigs and keeping bigs sealed behind him in the post. The good news is that he has the frame to do it, now he just needs to hit the weight-room. He has an interest in playing in the paint, as opposed to playing away from his weakness and playing more so on the perimeter.
The Scouting Report: