Hometown: Rosenberg, TX

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 290

Position: Center

Team: Texas

Class: Senior
#34 Dexter Pittman | C

Right handed… Pittman is a unique talent as a basketball player. He is a mammoth of a player to game plan against - 6'10", 290 or so pounds. He is one of the strongest players in all of college basketball and most of the strengths in Pittman's game are a result of his size… Pittman is a space-eater in the offensive paint. He will trail up the court and back his defender down until he gets the positioning he wants which is usually just a few feet from the rim. He gets easy lay-ups, dunks and tip-ins from that position. He loves contact in the post and Pittman has the ability to finish while getting fouled. The fact that he completely seals the defender off, gives Pittman many easy looks… Pittman has surprisingly nimble footwork in the post. He has the ability to read the defense so a quick baby hook shot with either hand… He has good, soft hands…

Pittman continues to work on his weight by working with various gym trainers and nutritionists on campus


Although Pittman had "chiseled" himself down from almost 400 pounds from Freshman year, he is still an semi-conditioned 290. The 290 pounds aren't the problem. It's the conditioning that comes with the weight. He can only go hard two-to-three minutes at a time before he needs to sit down and recover. While he often performs well and produces in those two to three minute stints, he struggles with finding a rhythm when he enters the game… At this stage in his development, he will not be able to guard NBA Power Forwards and will struggle to guard some Centers. That being said, in the college, Pittman has struggled with more athletic, quicker bigs… Besides his conditioning, Pittman has gotten into foul trouble a few times. He needs to play defense with his feet and not his body. He struggles with his body control. He has had too many games where he only plays 10-15 minutes and his production is limited… In the offensive post, he will utilize his arms to clear space, making him prone to offensive fouls… Pittman settles for lobs too often when the defense fronts him in the post. He needs to re-gain position by sealing off the defender and wait for his Longhorn Guards to swing the ball and get a clear entry into the post…

The Scouting Report: