Enes Kanter | C

Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 255

Position: Center

Team: N/A

Class: 1992

Right-handed… As just an incoming freshman, Kanter already has a big huge frame at 6'10" and seemingly filled out already with some room to chisel his muscle. But don't let his size fool you, he is an agile center. He has the ability to play both inside and out, not just shooting the ball from the perimeter or posting up on a defender, but handling the ball from the outside and breaking his man down and scoring the basketball. He is difficult to guard because of his size, but also his ability to step outside and knock down the mid-range shot or take the ball hard to the rim. He has great finesse scoring the ball… He has a great feel for the game and a high basketball IQ. He has meshed with players overseas and all-star teammates that he has never played with before… He has excellent footwork for a big man, especially in the low blocks and running the pick-and-roll. He sets a nice, wide screen and then opens up, facing the ball-handler and always looking for the ball. He can also fade off of the screen and step away from the hoop and knock down a 15-footer with ease. He has great mechanics and won't hesitate to shoot the ball from the mid-range… When he is in position, Kanter is sure to be coming down with the rebound due, in part, to his size and strength advantage over opposing players. He comes down with the ball, gripping it strongly and immediately looking for a guard to outlet the ball to. Once he gives up possession, he looks to beat his man down court for an easy 2 points or create an advantage for his team…. Kanter is young for his class as well so he still has some growing to do, both physically and mentally in terms of basketball development…

Despite some of his high rebounding totals, his rebounding skills are in question. He has seemed to rely on his size and strength to date, perhaps ignoring some of the fundamental rules of boxing out and driving his man out of the lane. He isn't athletic enough, nor does he have the leaping ability to rely solely on those, so he must improve his work ethic on the glass to become a better rebounder… He favors going to his right a little bit too much, especially in the low blocks. Defenders can play his this way and guards can scrap down on him, knowing that he is much more comfortable using that strong hand… He puts the ball on the floor far too often down in the low blocks. This has led to turnovers, but also missed scoring opportunities as he allows defenders to cash in on fumbled balls…
The Scouting Report: