Fab Melo | C

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Height: 7'0"

Weight: 274

Position: Center

Team: Syracuse

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… This true 7-footer has been one of the recruiting circuits hottest names amongst scouts. He is a lengthy, 275-pound low post player that is in the best shape of his life after conditioning his body and dropping 20-30 pounds. He has a fantastic frame and solid length… His low post moves are quicker and more efficient, while his explosiveness and speed are noticeably better… It's not just his size that makes him a great prospect, its his development as well. He is developing quickly and becoming more productive on a consistent basis. He continues to develop his post moves and foot work, showing quick up-and-unders, a spin move and a lethal drop step. His drop step over his left shoulder has become his go to move and he even shows a soft touch around the rim as he demonstrates the ability to put home a jump-hook… He ability to knock down a consistent jumper from 12-feet and in will be the key for him… Melo goes up strong on the defensive glass for balls in his direct area, chining the ball and immediately looking for the outlet. Once he releases the ball, he runs the floor well as he heads for the offensive rim, attempting to seal his man and serve as an easy entry target for a bucket… In the halfcourt setting, he seems calm and collected under pressure while facing double teams. He is an above-average post-passer and even put the ball on the floor to dribble one or two times out of trouble and open up his options….

He is a solid defender, but could be a dominant rebounder with his size and athleticism. As he continues to tone his body, he should continue to develop his explosiveness and not rely on his size. He must become hungrier for the ball…  Melo is effective at clogging the defensive paint and preventing opposing wings from penetrating, but he has yet to develop the defensive timing to be a force blocking shots or even rebounding… As he has shown a great improvement in his scoring moves in the low blocks, Melo still fades away at times. As he has often been the largest player on the floor, he must power up towards the basket and go up strong… He must work to continue to add strength to his frame and tone up his body…
The Scouting Report: