Hometown: Fishers, IN

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 210

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Michigan State

Class: Sophomore
#14 Gary Harris | G

Right-handed… Harris is a crafty 2-guard prospect with decent athleticism and a smooth, all-around skill set that will allow him to be a productive player. As described below, he isn't the quickest or most explosive athlete, but has excellent basketball fundamentals to get himself open to use his best asset- his jumper. Harris has a killer jab step, combined with a quick release or off the dribble, he can seemingly pull-up on a dime with great body control to get his shot off. Harris does have some good range and defenders must be wary of where he is on the perimeter at all times… When he cuts to the rim or puts the ball on the floor with a right-handed drive, he shows a soft touch to finish with a finger role or floater. Harris has excellent body control in the lane which makes up for his lack of athleticism… Harris is a very good defender, using his lean, but strong frame to keep defenders out of the paint and plays the passing lanes well for steals and deflections.

Harris lacks the ideal size for an NBA 2-guard, standing around 6'3" with lean frame. He's a smooth athlete, which isn't a bad thing, but isn't explosive or quick enough to be effective off the bounce. Harris will need to work on his advanced handle and movement off the ball using screens to get open for his jumper… He is right-hand dominant and really doesn't appear comfortable at all using his left both with his dribble and finishing on cuts and drives in the paint.
The Scouting Report: