#40 Harrison Barnes | F

Hometown: Ames, IA

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 210

Position: Small Forward

Team: UNC

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Not only did Barnes measure in well over the summer when he posted a height of 6'8", 210 pounds, but also with a 7'0 ˝" wingspan… He is an explosive athlete, who has different speeds to his game and as a defender, when you think you have him locked up, he kicks it up a notch. He is a true playmaker, with the ability and unselfishness to create for others, but also to create for himself as well. He is smooth and agile, weaving through defenders, attacking the rim or knocking down shots from the perimeter. Through it all, he stays poised and knows how to play the game… He is an above-average ball handler, with long strides and excellent quickness, which makes him very difficult to contain and stay in front of… His athleticism and soft touch have allowed him to finish a wide array of difficult shots around the paint with contact and off-balance… He uses his size and agility well and displays a very nice ability to post-up and score around the low blocks…

Despite having the total package, Barnes lacks the "killer instinct" to take over games. As a freshman, he is playing like a different player than the one we saw in high school. He disappears for long stretches and looks lost/ lacks fire at times… Barnes needs to continue to work on his perimeter game. He was streaky in high school and he is really struggling to find his stroke against the more athletic defenders he is now facing night in and night out…
The Scouting Report: