Hometown: Oak Park, IL

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 200

Position: Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Team: Georgia Tech

Class: Junior

#1 Iman Shumpert | G

Right handed....Shumpert has made an impact for the Yellow Jackets from the moment he stepped on the court, but his future in the NBA depends on his ability to become a Point Guard. He has excellent size (6'5") and talent to become a Point, but he just does not have the mentality just yet. He is a tremendous athlete with a good body, but he is still developing. But the possibility of what he can become is why scouts and front offices are all over Shumpert… He excels in transition and would be a perfect fit in a fast-paced offense at the next level. When Gerogia Tech runs in transition, Shumpert is a deadly weapon, as he can make that simple pass to set up a teammate for a lay-up or open jumper or use a ball move and get to the rim… He has the ability to make difficult passes, especially with his big men, Derrick Favors, Gani Lawal, and Zach Peacock. He runs the pick-and-roll very effectively with these three…

Shumpert could excel as a Combo Guard for Georgia Tech, but he is struggling mightily with his shooting. Last year as a Freshman and this year as a Sophomore, Shumpert is under 40% shooting from the floor and around 30-35% from 3-point range… He is turnover prone- averaging more than 3 a game with an assist-to-turnover ratio under 1.5:1. He seems to have the right idea as a distributor and setting up teammates, but he second-guesses himself, holding on to the ball for a split-second too long, resulting in turnovers. He also tends to over-dribble on possessions, keeping his team on the balls of their feet and not within the offense… With the addition of Freshman stud Derrick Favors, scouts have been traveling to see Georgia Tech, but have left relatively unimpressed with Shumpert… Although Shumpert's length and quickness allow him to rack up his impressive steal numbers, he gambles too much. He does not play in much of a defensive stance, limiting his mobility and speed while guarding opposing ball handlers…
The Scouting Report: