#21 Isaiah Austin | C

Hometown: Arlington, TX

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 225

Position: Center

Team: Baylor

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Austin processes tremendous size and length to be a factor right away on the defensive end of the floor if not for his incredible lack of muscle. He has a freakishly long wingspan and surprising agility and athleticism for a 7-footer. Austin gets off the ground with relative ease, springing for a rebound or blocked shot or skying high for a dunk… He is a bit raw in the post, but displays a nice skill set. He is comfortable finishing with power at every opportunity at the rim, utilizing a power dribble to get around his man or an effective drop step with Austin's long strides. What makes him unique is his ability to step outside. He has range out to the college 3-point line, although, with his size he is clearly best suited mixing it up in the paint. Austin displays good agility on his drives, slithering around the defenders in the paint to finish with either hand on his drives or post-ups. He can finish with a dunk or with finesse, whether it's a baby hook shot or reverse lay-up… What makes him particularly scary is his ability to grab the rebound, chin the ball, turn and read the floor and lead the fast break. Or he can outlet the ball to a guard, beat his man down the floor with relative ease for an open 2-point bucket… Austin's defensive impact is tremendous. He literally can get his hands on everything, swatting shots in highlight reel fashion out of bounds or pinning attempts against the backboard and corralling the rebound.

Austin is so incredibly long and so incredibly thin that he got knocked around at the high school level. Like so many Baylor products before him in the frontcourt, he needs to put on plenty of weight, but even moreso than the likes of Perry Jones and Quincy Miller given the fact that he plays center. Physically, he does not appear close to fully maturing yet as he has this lengthy, gawky frame that desperately needs to be filled out… Austin has tremendous offensive potential given his size, length, athleticism and soft touch. He has the skill to take the ball out to 20-22 feet and sink a jumper when given space or Austin can utilize a shot-fake and put the ball on the floor thanks to his quickness and strides. He does have a tendency to fall in love with his jumper once he makes one or two, taking away from his relative effectiveness inside… He plays out of control from time-to-time on his drives making him a susceptible target for a defender to step in and take a charge by sliding under him… When he float out to the perimeter, he has these "shake-and-bake" moves that he likes to rock back and forth with a low-dribble and cross-over that essentially get him nowhere. If he wants to handle the ball, he needs to get somewhere with his dribble.
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