#0 Jared Sullinger | F

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 270

Position: Power Forward

Team: Ohio State

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Sullinger is a great combination of size and athleticism. He has a wide frame, but the ability to explode off the ground and finish above the rim. He has the strength to post-up his defenders, but the quickness to use a post-move and go right by his man. To boast, Sullinger has a good perimeter game. He can hit from the college 3-point line with good consistency for a big man, but he can be too dominant on the low blocks to leave that post. However, its just another weapon to his offensive arsenal, being able to his that 15' or 20' jump shot. And when you play him for his outside shooting, he can use that long first stride of his and get by you and to the rim in only a dribble or two… Sullinger scores well in traffic. He'll jump and get the ball, gather himself under him, and go straight up to the rim. He has a soft touch after exploding up and always keeps himself in control. He has worked and developed some nice footwork in the high post and low post areas that include drop steps in both directions, as well as a quick and effective spin move, and a variety of short jumpers and hook shots- although he prefers to play with his back to the basket and go straight up with the ball. His ability to catch around the high post and take one dribble and pull-up makes him so difficult to defend… Although Sullinger did not lead the transition break much in high school, there is no doubt in his ability to handle the ball. He keeps the ball low and keeps his head up, seeing the offense develop. A great skill to have early in his career because he can see double-teams coming and teammates cutting to the rim…

How big is Sullinger really? He has terrific skills, good athleticism and certainly very good production, but he looks a tad bit undersized at 6'8" that might limit him at the next level… He has a tendency to put the ball on the floor, either on the offensive low blocks or after an offensive rebound that has led to turnovers with smaller guards sneaking in and swiping at the ball. He should keep the ball "chinned" and protect it higher… At times, Sullinger struggled with longer defenders in high school, but he has the ability to adjust- taking his defender out to the perimeter or using his body more to shield off the defender…. Defensively, Sullinger is limited on the perimeter due to his lack of lateral quickness that is especially exposed in pick-and-roll situations.
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