#32 Jarvis Varnado | F - C

Hometown: Brownsville, TN

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 210

Position: Power Forward/Center

Team: Mississippi State

Class: Senior


Varnado has done an excellent job in the past few years ago developing his one-dimensional shot-blocking game into an improving offensive threat and an excellent rebounder… He offers good size standing at 6'9", but even better length- his wingspan has been measured at 7'4". He really is an elite defender because of his shot-blocking ability. He is averaging over 5 blocks per game and under 2.5 fouls per game which really shows you how intelligent of a player Varnado is. He doesn't create a lot of contact defensively, which is smart, because when there is contact between an offensive player and a shot blocker, the offensive player usually heads to the foul line for two shots. He has excellent body control. He is an excellent help side defender… Offensively, Varnado is still raw, but much improved from a year or two ago. He has added a decent jump shot to his bare offensive arsenal. His range extends out to about 15 - 17 feet… In the post, Varnado does not offer much more. He is comfortable with his right handed hook shot. He is converting on his offensive opportunities at a great rate. Varnado is shooting 62.6% from the field on the season… He is an excellent rebounder, mostly due to his 7'4" wingspan, but also his quick jumping ability. He finds the ball in the air, and seems to recognize where the ball is headed in a split-second…

Varnado is obviously still under-developed offensively. In the post, he needs time to read his post defender to see which way he should turn, but either way, Varnado will end up using his right hand for a short hook shot. He rarely, if ever goes the opposite way to use his left-handed hook. He has questionable hands in the post. I've seen post-entry passes hit him in the chest, and have seen him fumble the ball before either gaining control or turning the ball over. He is only about 210-pounds and lacks a strong base to aid him in postin-up. He routinely loses post-position and gets pushed away from the rim, which is probably why Varnado had to develop his mid-range jumper… His foul shooting is below-average, but he does do a good job getting to the line.
The Scouting Report: