#32 Jimmer Fredette | G

Hometown: Glens Falls, NY

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 195

Position: Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Team: BYU


Right-handed… Fredette, the 6'2" junior, is the main reason behind BYU's success this season. His BYU Cougar's started off the 2009-10 season sporting a 20-1 overall record and hit the national scene with a 49-point barrage at Arizona in late December… Fredette has a decent sized frame, standing at 6'2" and weighing in close to 200 pounds. He is very strong and can finish in the paint with contact due to his stature… Fredette has made numerous highlights with his shooting. He is shooting nearly 47% from the field, including 48% from behind the arc, quite impressive based on the fact that he takes 13+ shots a game. He can score in a variety of ways, most commonly with his jump shots: spot ups, pull-ups off the dribble, or even fade-aways to counter his 6'2" size when guarded by bigger defenders. He has a very quick release, making his shot difficult to block… Fredette is an excellent free-throw shooter, who is currently hovering around the 90% clip. He gets to the line more than six times a game… He does a good job finding shooters in BYU's four-out, one-in set.

Fredette isn't a great athlete, in fact, he isn't very quick, nor is he very explosive, which in some ways makes this offensive weapon a borderline NBA prospect, but at the same time, it almost makes his accomplishments that much more impressive. He has torched teams with his scoring and passing without being overly quick or athletic… He handles the ball well, but still needs to improve upon his current skill set. He needs to work on keeping the ball lower, especially on his crossover… As the main option on BYU, he has shown a tendency to try and do too much and therefore driving the ball into traffic or forcing shots from outside… At the next level, Fredette is sure to struggle defensively. He just doesn't have the lateral quickness or defensive intensity to succeed as of right now. He often gives a step to opposing players because he cannot match their speed defensively, but even when his man doesn't have the ball, Fredette mostly spends his time standing around instead of on the line of the ball, hedging screens or helping teammates…
The Scouting Report: