#31 John Henson | F

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 210

Position: Small Forward/Power Forward

Team: North Carolina

Class: Junior

Right-handed… Henson is an intriguing prospect with his tremendous length and agility… He possesses solid athleticism, runs the floor well and excels in the open floor… His offensive game is in the works, but there's improvement from last season. He began high school as a guard and now, at 6'10", he is a developmental inside/outside player. He can shoot the ball from behind the arc when left open, but seems more comfortable posting up on the blocks. He won't be able to make an impact offensively at the next level right away, but his skills will help him improve while he garners time as a high-energy guy... He has a good feel with a baby hook shot with either hand, but favors a short turnaround jumper in his arsenal… On the perimeter, he has a nice, high-release on his jumper. He has ways to go with his consistency outside of 12 feet. He has the length and quickness to take opposing bigs off the dribble, which as he feels more comfortable playing outside, will become more of threat in the dribble-drive… Henson is a great rebounder. Not just because he is lengthy, but because he has great fundamentals on both the offensive and defensive glass. On the defensive end, Henson looks to put his body between his man and the rim and then move towards the ball. Even with his thin frame, he makes an effort to box-out and move his man out of the lane. Similarly on the other end of the floor, Henson looks to avoid his man, not willing to stand around and hope his athleticism and length are good enough… For a player of his size, Henson is nimble, covering the court in a matter of steps. His quickness, but especially his length give him hope in the transition to small forward/ power forward. He possesses excellent perimeter defensive skills in terms of getting and staying low in his stance and keeping his arms wide. Working more and more on the perimeter will have Henson confident to defend some guards and forwards… He plays with very good energy and passion. Henson seems to be very coachable which makes him worth the risk/reward for a franchise in the NBA…


Henson's body will be a continual work in progress. He's not going to maintain the same frail body frame forever, but he still has a long way to go… Some scouts feel that Henson can make the shift to more of a small forward at the next level, but he doesn't have what it takes. His perimeter game is coming along, but at a very slow pace. His brutal free-throw shooting provide the most evidence that Henson won't be able to be a full-time perimeter player. With the length and quickness of his first step, Henson needs to work on his dribble/slashing attacks from the mid-range area to the rim… Doesn't seem to have a great feel for the game and still needs more experience…
The Scouting Report:
Notes: 2009 McDonald's All-American