#11 John Wall | G

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 185

Position: Point Guard

Team: Kentucky

Class: Freshman

Right handed....Great size and length… One of the most athletic point guards you have ever laid eyes on… Great first step- very quick… Can finish at the rim, in traffic or in transition, often with powerful dunks… Explosive… Vocal… Very strong ball-handling abilities, especially at full-speed and in transition… Offers excellent agility and mobility… Is difficult to stay in front of with the ball because of his speed and ability to weave around defenders… Excellent moves with the ball to create separation… Good shooting form… High basketball IQ and solid court vision… Plays the passing lanes well one defense… Great lateral quickness… Sky-high potential…


It's scary how good this kid can be, but he can still improve in some areas of his game… Often relies on his athleticism and not his above-average skill set, which should hinder his quick start at Kentucky…  Slow release on his jump shot which may allow college defenders to get back into the play after Wall blows by them… Below-average shooter from outside 18'…  Struggles with his floaters and teardrops in the lane… Motivation? Will take plays off, hurting his team… Questionable motivation at times. He will try to fit passes into the smallest of openings or flashy passes that lead to turnovers… Unable to get through/around screens at times…

The Scouting Report:
Note: John Wall received a misdemeanor citation early May 2009 after being accused of breaking and entering a house.