Hometown: Cleveland, MS

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 262

Position: Power Forward

Team: LSU

Class: Sophomore
#2 Johnny O' Bryant III | F

Right-handed… Normally we would note O'Bryant's 6'8"/6'9" frame as a weakness, but he will just be 19 at the time of his sophomore season, clearly young for his class year and appears to still be growing and maturing. He has a 7'2" wingspan to combat his current-lack of height… He has a developing low-post game, but one he struggled early-on with at LSU. He's a power player that can carve out of positioning in the low-post with strong hands and despite a raw offensive game, he demands the ball in the blocks. He favors a jump hook over his left should and a face-up game from 5-6 feet out… On the glass, O'Bryant is a high-energy, high-motor player with length that makes him potentially dominating in the future.

O'Bryant has the tools to develop into a double-double machine with the Tigers, but that means his offensive game needs improvement. He lacks advanced and counter post moves and almost always goes for the jump hook over his left shoulder. Developing his left hand and a few counter moves for when the defense over-plays him. He shows a soft touch when he gets the opportunity to spot up from within 10 feet, but certainly needs to improve his consistency and extend his range a bit further out…
The Scouting Report: