#20 Jordan Williams | F - C

Hometown: Torrington, CT

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 260

Position: Power Forward/Center

Team: Maryland

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Williams was a difference maker in his first season at Maryland, providing a true interior presence for the Terps for the first time in nearly a decade. He has the potential to be one of the league's premier frontcourt players and develop into a 1st Round NBA talent. He largely flew under the radar all season long despite strong rebounding efforts and defensive promise, but collected two double-doubles in the 2010 NCAA Tournament against Houston and Michigan State… He has NBA size and strength at 6'10", 260 pounds and can dominate the ACC's big men this season. He has the skills to emerge as a top talent, but he must put in the efforts to lead the team in replacing some of its top players… He is a strong, physical player in the low blocks. Williams uses his frame to gain excellent position down low and has soft hands to gather himself before going up. He can finish with contact and does a great job powering the ball up…


Williams has ample room to improve his physique and free-throw shooting. He shot jus 53% from the foul line. As defenses key in on his this year, not only will he have more opportunities to score as Maryland's main offensive threat, but he will get fouled more often as team's recognize his inability to knock down shots. He will need to continue to bang down low, get to the foul line more often and convert. At 260 pounds, Williams could stand to chisel his frame more. He played just under 25 minutes per game as a freshman and will need to be on the court more often. His conditioning will be an integral part of his national breakout scene. His sleeker frame should make him more agile, giving him better lift off the ground to run the court, but also be more of a defensive presence challenging shots (averaged under 1 block per game in his first year)… He needs to develop a 10-12 jump shot. He is offensively challenged in the low blocks in terms of offensive repertoire and scoring moves so he will need to become more of a threat from 10-feet and in otherwise defenses can collapse on him every time. A short jump shot would greatly increase his versatility and keep defenses honest…
The Scouting Report: