#55 Josh Harrellson | C

Hometown: St. Charles, MO

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 275

Position: Center

Team: Kentucky

Class: Senior

Right handed… The more and more I see the big man play, the more I like him and would love the opportunity to play with him. He does all of the little things, but if need be, he can rise up and do more than that. He utilizes this wide frame and thick size to establish great offensive positioning and serve as a dump-off candidate for one of the penetrating guards or finish with a soft touch around the rim. He'll walk up from the low blocks to the perimeter to set some wide-bodied screens and then dive back down to the post in hopes of getting the lob or bounce pass… He runs the floor well and let's his guards know when he's running straight to the rim. When on the perimeter, Harrellson is mostly used in pick and roll situations, but can handle the ball for a few dribbles, enough to set up a dribble hand-off or refuse the option and throw a nice backdoor pass.… He's a fiery, emotional hard-working player. He is a tremendous hustle player and always seems to be involved on the glass. He has some great anticipation on the boards whether its tapping the ball up to himself or securing it and kicking it back out, Harrellson can impact the game with his defensive play. He doesn't get much lift off the ground, but his girth puts him in decent positioning to block some shots down low. He lows banging bodies, so he is always right on his defender in very good positioning between his man and the basket…

Harrellson is getting many more opportunities in his senior season with the Wildcats than in his first three seasons combined and that can be attributed to his work ethic. Look what happens when you come into camp in good conditioning and are willing to do whatever it takes to stay on the court. That's the type of player Harrellson is- he isn't a gifted athlete or a talented low-post scorer, but a hustle player and not much more… Conditioning still plays an issue at times as does his lack of explosive athleticism where Harrellson will end up fouling or turning the ball over because he is out of position or can't make the play… John Calipari involves his big man in quite a few pick and rolls on the perimeter, but hasn't quite mastered the art yet. He doesn't "open the gate" on his rolls, meaning, he turns his back to the ball-handling and just dives straight for the rim…
The Scouting Report: