#32 Josh Selby | G

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 183

Position: Point Guard

Team: Kansas

Class: Freshman

Right-handed… Selby's game all focuses around his aggressiveness. He loves to create with the ball in his hands by simply attacking the defense and that's what makes him such a threat setting up teammates or his own shot. He has the speed and quickness, along with the ball-handling ability and vision to take the ball coast-to-coast getting all the way to the rim or pulling up for a jump shot in transition. He has incredible balance and judgment to be able to pull-up on a dime when the defense is on its heels, but the vision and quick decision making to find an open teammate when the defense collapses on him… He seems to be the complete package for a point guard prospect- good size at 6'2", tremendous athleticism, an attacking and aggressive mentality without being zoned in on either scoring or passing, and solid decision-making… His ball-handling abilities are second best in his class, not far behind Kyrie Irving of Duke. His go-to move is a actually a combination of moves to keep his defenders off balance and include cross-overs and some nice hesitation moves that complement his ability to get into the paint and finish at the rim or draw the defense and kick out… He rarely settles for a contested jumper, but will often create a better shot, either for himself or for a teammate instead. He is a threat from behind the arc, with good range to boast. He would much rather work his way to get into the paint and use his strength and athleticism to finish at the rim… Defensively, Selby is a stud. He is tough and will body up an opposing guard, while he has the length, strength and lateral quickness to defend both guard spots. He is able to apply constant ball pressure in a half-court setting, disrupting the team's flow or in a full-court situation.

His aggressiveness can be too much at times. He may try to push the ball in transition or force a drive and kick or drive himself into a bad situation, leading to a turnover or poor decision… Defensively, he plays with a sort of reckless abandon and is too often gambling for steals, leading the opposing team with a man-up advantage…. He still needs to work on his consistency from the perimeter and knocking down shots…
The Scouting Report: