#5 Kendall Marshall | G

Hometown: Dumfries, VA   

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 186

Position: Point Guard

Team: UNC

Class: Sophomore

Left-handed… Armed with great size and skill, Marshall was tagged by many scouts as the best playmaking guard in the talented guard class of 2010. He has spot-on accuracy with his passing, delivering the ball with high levels of creativity and speed. He has elite court vision and instincts with the ball in his hands and he could be lethal in North Carolina's fast-break offensive system. He can hit the open man off his penetration or in transition, or he can look off the defense and threat the needle for an uncontested bucket. His decision-making is top-notch. Marshall's high basketball IQ has him pass-faking to keep the defense honest and he can shift his opponents, creating the passing lane he was initially looking for… He is a true leader on the court. He is seemingly always in support of his teammates even if they drop a pass and thus a scoring opportunity… He is deceptively quick without the ball and almost even quicker with the ball in his hands. He has a very strong handle, helping him get up court and by defenders to find the open man. He probes the defense and can make them pay as soon as he recognizes an opening… Marshall can score the basketball- most of his opportunities come via open lanes that he creates for himself or the occasionally mid-range pull-up.

Despite Marshall's skills, a major concern lies with his inability to consistently knock down shots from the perimeter. Until he proves he can score on those open jumpers, teams will be able to play off Marshall, forcing him to shoot and taking away his strength. Defenses will play off him to contain his dribble and playmaking… He needs to cut down on his turnovers, which will surely be up playing in a new system and with new teammates at North Carolina… He is an average athlete, but uses his size, vision and IQ to make up for this…
The Scouting Report:
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