Hometown: Mount Vernon, NY

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 250

Position: Small Forward

Team: West Virginia

Class: Senior
#5 Kevin Jones | F

Right-handed… Jones, West Virginia's 6'8", 250-pound forward is having a breakout season in his sophomore campaign. While playing on one of the nation's best teams, he has proven to be a capable scorer and defender, making him one to watch as a scout but also one to game plan against as a opposing coach… Although Jones is a muscular 6'8", 250 pounds, he has been measured with a fantastic 7'4" wingspan. His long arms help him finish numerous shots around the rim in traffic… Jones may not be able to create for himself off the dribble, but he really gets himself going with his energy and hustle. He is like a bull in the going after rebounds. He is a fantastic offensive rebounder and just has a nose for jumping up and coming down with the ball. He is averaging four offensive boards per game… His perimeter game is developed, despite being pretty raw overall as an offensive player. He has 3-point range and has shown the ability to knock down those shots- currently shooting 43% from behind the arc…

Jones has the height, length and strength to consistently be a force in the low post, but he chooses to stay on the perimeter. Yes, he has shown the ability to knock down 3s, but he could be so much more valuable to his team and his draft stock if he were to stay in the post a bit more. He would get more looks offensively as well as more chances to rebound the ball on both ends. Considering he is averaging more offensive rebounds per game (4), than defensive rebounds (3.6), we think Jones' numbers could be even better. His play seems to show that Jones does not like the contact in the post. He is averaging just three FT attempts a game… Despite his long arms and athleticism, Jones is a bit shaky on defense. His natural instincts are underwhelming as evidenced by his one block per game average… Offensively, Jones is still pretty raw. He lacks a go-to move in the low post. He tends to settle for turn around jumper instead of a baby hook shot with his long arms…
The Scouting Report: