Hometown: Cayenne, French Guyana

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 258

Position: Power Forward

Team: Cholet

Class: 1989
Kevin Seraphin | F

Right-handed... Seraphin is a big, strong power forward with some excellent scoring instincts in the post, making him an attractive young prospect to NBA teams this summer. After a strong spring/summer at the Nike Hoop Summit and playing for the U-20 French national team, Seraphin has taken on an increased role with his French club, Cholet this season. So far, he has taken some big steps in front of scouts. He has performed well with increased playtime and an expanded role... His athleticism, size, and mobility make him an intriguing prospect. On one hand, he has had a limited role throughout the early stages of his career, but his physical attributes and flashes of offensive dominance in the low post could help him slip into the late 1st Round... Seraphin runs the floor well, gaining great post position because he is the first big down the court, or because he uses his physical strength to gain an advantageous position. He has developed some nice advanced post moves to score in the low blocks.  He reads the defense well and is able to make quick decisions before a defending guard helps dig down on him. He has excellent footwork in the post, enabling him to seal off defenders and giving him an easy path to the rim. He has a a great set of drop steps into soft hook shots and has the counter moves to keep defenders off balance. He is capable of finishing with either hand, and has even shown glimpses of a short turnaround jumper... He is a solid rebounder, grabbing about 5 boards a game...

Seraphin is more likely than not trying to score by going baseline on his defenders in the low post. He commonly uses his drop step, followed by a baby hook shot to score the ball. However, if you cut off baseline, despite his advanced post moves and scoring touch around the rim, he does not seem comfortable going into traffic in the middle of the paint. When faced with a double-team, he is a poor passer out of the blocks, and a poor passer in general. What he needs is more experience to hone his skills and develop better instincts all over the court... Seraphin does not have much experience playing on the perimeter, making him a poor asset in the pick-and-roll game. His footwork is poor, often rolling the wrong way, turning his back on the ball-handler... The weakest aspect of his game is his defense. He  plays more with his body than he does his feet, often leading to early foul troubles. He effort is nice, but his fundamentals still need some work...
The Scouting Report: