#24 Kim English | G

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 200

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Missouri

Class: Senior

Right-handed… English looks the part of an NBA wing, standing 6'6" with a good-sized wingspan and a wiry frame, ready for the molding… English's offensive game is extremely centered around his jump shot as nearly all of his points come by way of creating off the dribble for a pull-up or spotting up on the perimeter. He thrives in catch-and-shoot situations with great form and range out to the NBA three-point line. He has a quick release and smooth shooting motion… English moves very well and is active without the ball in his hands. He is always looking to get open in the half court set and has a good feel for the team's offense and rhythm…

English needs to improve his efficiency in non-stationary shooting situations; his numbers are far behind what they need to be as a scorer coming off screens and pulling up off the dribble. Most notably, this problem looks to stem from a lack of lower body strength and falling off balance on queue with his release… His ball-handling is average and need improvement in nearly every area. This would make English a much more dynamic scorer and offensive threat as he often struggles to make his way all the way to the rim to finish or forcing his way into contact. He relies too often on a pull-up, that we have already discussed as inaccurate. As a volume shooter, averaging nearly one field-goal attempt every other minute he is on the court, English needs to get better shooting the ball. He is, however, doing a good job developing counters to his inabilities- like releasing soft runners in the lane… English needs to improve his overall strength. He lacks the lower body strength to maintain balance on his jump shots and is also below-average in terms of explosiveness and leaping which would be aided by spending some time in the weight room. His lateral quickness and rebounding are things that can also be improve with a weight program. Adding strength to his frame and working with the team's strength training would help English slide once he is low in his defensive stance and would give the lanky, narrow-framed English a better chance to compete on the boards…
The Scouting Report: