Hometown: Santa Margarita, CA

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 187

Position: Small Forward

Team: Washington State

Class: Junior

#1 Klay Thompson | F

At 6'6", Thompson is some of the best perimeter shooters in all of college basketball. In a 43-point explosion earlier this season against San Diego, Thompson shot 8-for-13 from behind the arc. Currently, he sits above 41% from 3-point range on the season… He has terrific ball skills, handling the ball well for a 6'6" shooting guard/small forward…. As dangerous of a scorer as Thompson is, he is just as good of a passer. As opponents started to double and pressure him to force him into shots, he has developed the ability of reading the court well and hitting the open man… Although his foul-shooting has taken a bit of a hit this season, he is still a very good free-throw shooter…

In Pac-10 play, Thompson has struggled with his 3-point shot, causing his stock to fall amongst NBA scouts. He is currently shooting under 25% against conference foes… He struggles under pressure defense. Against Kansas State early in his sophomore campaign, he was forced into 9 turnovers and 5-of-15 shooting, but everyone is allowed an off-night here and there, but Thompson is averaging 3 turnovers a game this season. As he betters his ball-handling and decision making over the rest of this season and most likely as an upperclassman at Washington State, he will start to become more of a complete, experienced player, and these turnovers will decrease…

The Scouting Report:
Notes: Son of former NBA player, Mychal Thompson.