#5 Kyle Anderson | F

Hometown: Fairview, NJ

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 230

Position: Small Forward/Power Forward

Team: UCLA

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Anderson has great size, agility and smooth athleticism for a wing, but is best suited playing a point-forward role moving forward. He has excellent ball-handling abilities, capable of keeping his head up at all times, reading the floor to create the next play. He isn't overly quick or explosive with the ball, but very craft with his ability to spin or cross-up the defense to create space. Efficiency is the name of his game… Anderson delivers pin-point passes with the bounce or through the air, getting it to his teammates in scoring position seemingly all the time… With his size, he can mix it up inside a little bit. Anderson has showed some low-post moves including a baby hook over either shoulder and counter moves like a reverse pivot and spin towards the middle. He can back defenders down from the high-post or mid-wing and shows a soft touch on his turn-around jumper to knock it down off-balance… What makes Anderson most dangerous is that he can really play four positions from anywhere on the floor. He is a solid spot-up shooter, can handle the point, play the wing or some in the post. Anderson is just tremendously smooth all-around, slithering through the defense on his drives with crafty ball-handling and has eyes in the back of his head…

Anderson isn't the big time athlete that scouts and front offices love to build around. He is more of a role player that can fill the stat sheet instead of aggressively taking games over. He is a below-the-rim player, which hampers his ability to explode by the defense or leap up and finish above the rim… Anderson has this great mid-range game, able to take defenders off the dribble with his craftiness or back his man down, but we'd like to see him develop his turn-and-face game with a shot-fake. He would do wonders by leaning into the defense and collecting plenty more free-throws by using this to his advantage… There are times when Anderson drives into the lane and leaps into the air to create a play when almost nothing looks possible. Sometimes he makes the play, other times he is forced to shoot or make a pass because he is in the air already. He needs to utilize his jump-stop to best his skill set.
The Scouting Report: