Kyrie Irving | G

Hometown: West Orange, NJ

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180

Position: Point Guard

Team: Duke

Class: Freshman

Right-handed… His combination of size (6'2"), quickness and skills has made Irving the best guard prospect to head to the Blue Devils since Jason Williams in 2000. His handle is simply remarkable, putting on high-level dribbling exhibitions in transition and half-court opportunities that led to the breakdown of defenses and an easy two points for Irving or a set-up pass to one of his teammates. He always seems to have control of the ball, while simultaneously reading the defenses and his teammates' next move. He has the able to thread a pass like few point guard at the collegiate level, no matter what class they are in. He is consistently creating off of the dribble. He is superb at changing speeds and keeping defenders off balance. He uses an excellent cross-over, using either hand and going either way to keep the defender in retreat and create advantages for himself and his teammates… However, as pass-oriented as Irving may be at times, he able has the unique ability to score the basketball as well. He understands the game and knows when to pass and when to score the ball himself. He is an incredible athlete who can explode up to the rim or step outside and knock down a 3-pointer with high accuracy… He does a lot of damage with his mid-range jumper. He can knock down contested 15-18-footers given just a few inches from the defender. He can pull-up of the dribble or spot-up for the jumper… He is comfortable running either guard spot on offense, i.e. handling the ball in transition and running the offense, or running to his spot in transition off the ball or taking the ball out of the rhythm of the offense, and using his quick first step to take the ball to the rim or pull-up for a jumper…

Irving, still a young prospect, has some work to do with his body. He has the height and frame to be an elite prospect, but still to add some muscle to his body, while still maintaining his quickness… He is a solid athlete, not spectacular… He needs to be more committed on the defensive end. He has decent length and great quickness, but he should be a bit more solid on the defensive end than he has proven to be…
The Scouting Report: