Meyers Leonard | C

Hometown: Robinson, IL     

Height: 7'0"

Weight: 215

Position: Center

Team: Illinois

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Leonard is a 7-footer with perimeter skills and the mobility to match. He has solid size and length, but can also handle the ball well for his size and knock down jumpers out to 12-15 feet, run the floor or play in the post. At the current time, he looks more comfortable playing up top where he can face-up and use his above-average court vision to find the open man, or his quickness to put the ball on the floor once or twice and get to the rim, but Leonard is certainly developing a game around the basket. He can finish with either hand, favoring a baby-hook over either shoulder. On the defensive end, Leonard is even more intriguing because of his length and above-average lateral quickness. He can bang down low against centers and stick with opposing 4-men on the perimeter. He provides a difficult target to shoot over with his close-out quickness and length.

Leonard's biggest weakness at this moment in time is his slight frame. Standing as a true 7-footer, Leonard needs to fill out his frame and add some strength. He struggles to finish with contact and that's something he will have to deal with plenty of in the rigorous Big Ten Conference. He shies away from contact and he will have to get tougher in the low blocks… With his size, athleticism and length, Leonard is still a bit raw on the offensive and defensive ends, but is a work in progress. He needs to continue to develop a low-post game. Starting with his gain in strength, he will be able to hold his positioning better down low and finish around the rim. He will need to read and react quicker to the defense, but is steadily improving…
The Scouting Report:
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