Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 200

Position: Point Guard

Team: Crvena Zvezda

Class: 1991
Nemanja Nedovic | G

Right-handed… Nedovic is a combo-guard, more apt to running the point than he is as a shooting guard, which is great news, but at 6'4" with limited length, there are 2-guards that measure in much, much better… Athletically, Nedovic is gifted with the explosiveness to play above the rim and the quickness to take his defenders off the dribble… Despite low assist numbers (under two per game), Nedovic is confident running the team and taking what the defense gives him. The young Serbian is still young and learning the game, but shows promise given his poise, but more importantly for NBA scouts, his athleticism. He moves well with the ball in his hands… Unlike most European guards, Nedovic projects to being an above-average defender at the next level with a solid build and impressive lateral quickness… Running the team, Nedovic is at his best when he is aggressive attacking the defense. He is comfortable handling the ball and driving with either hand or finding cutters as he makes his way towards the rim…

Nedovic is limited size-wise in terms of NBA future as a 2-guard, so he will need to continue to develop as a point guard; he stands at 6'4" with a 6'5" wingspan and only a 7'7" standing reach as measured in at the 2011 adidas Eurocamp… Despite his ball-handling skills and quickness, he relies on the pick-and-roll and high screens to create lanes and get to the basket. Perhaps, given another offensive system and better teammates (not on one of the better teams), Nedovic's numbers and NBA stock would be higher… He plays out of control at times and is not nearly as effective as he should be… Nedovic desperately needs to improve his perimeter game to become a well-rounded threat. He tends to force shots or settle for contested challenges from the outside.
The Scouting Report: