Hometown: Bar, Montenegro

Height: 7'0"

Weight: 260

Position: Power Forward/Center

Team: USC

Class: Junior
#5 Nikola Vucevic  | F

Right handed… Vucevic was much improved in his junior year campaign- raising his numbers across the board, while cutting back his turnovers and developing a consistent jump shot. He has the size and length and skill set of a low-post banger, but his improved jumper has increased his effectiveness as a collegiate forward and makes him a more attractive pro prospect… He shows a high, quick release on his jumper and 3-point range. He shot 35 percent from behind the arc, which should make him just dangerous enough to challenge his shot and if he can develop the ability to put the ball on the floor, make him even more dangerous… In the low post, he displays a soft touch, centering around a hook shot going over his left shoulder. With his wide frame and improving strength, Vucevic does a great job keeping his defender on his back and calling for the ball. Even with his below-average athleticism, he has the length to go up and finish with some strong dunks, including with contact.

One of the biggest things going against Vucevic is his lack of NBA-caliber athleticism. Especially with the muscle he added in the off-season going into his junior season, he moves even less swiftly and more robotically. On the defensive end, he really struggles when matched up with NBA caliber athletes... His improved perimeter game makes him more versatile and dangerous obviously, but his lack of ball-handling skills, limit his ability to set up his own shot and get himself open. He lacks the quick first step to get by his man and put the ball on the deck… Defensively, Vucevic doesn't have great lateral quickness and struggles to stay in front of his opposition. When faced with quicker 4 or 5 men who can turn and face-up, Vucevic usually gets in some early foul trouble or plays some version of his matador defense.
The Scouting Report: