Philadelphia 76ers Draft Plans

        With the first overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, is almost certain that the Washington Wizards will select John Wall. With the next pick in the draft the Philadelphia 76ers have a much more complex decision. They could pick Evan Turner who is most years would be the number 1 pick overall. The 76ers have other choices including Wesley Johnson, Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins. Philadelphia drafted Jrue Holiday last year with their first pick. Holiday was thought to be a lottery pick but fell right into the 76ers lap. Holiday is a combo guard who showed some flashes of brilliance in his rookie season. He can really dish out the ball rebound and shoot. He should be their cornerstone at the Point for years to come.
        The star of the 76ers is Andre Iguodala. AI is a Guard/Forward and doesn't really have a true position. He has the body and size of a shooting guard but has the game to score, rebound and pass the ball. The 76ers also have Thadeus Young who is also caught in between positions as he can play both forward spots on the floor. Phili signed Elton Brand to give them a veteran and low post presence and has had to deal with injuries. He has not been a huge help at all. At Center they have Samuel Dalembert who showed signs of becoming a good player but then regressed last year. Phili Drafted Mareese Speights from Florida a few years back who plays Power Forward and Center. The 76ers have a problem that repeats itself. They have many players who do not have a true postion.
        So who do the 76ers draft with the second pick overall in this year's draft? It was thought that they would take the second best player in the draft in Evan Turner who can play both Guard positions as well as Small Forward. The problem is he is too similar to their star player Andre Iguodala. AI and Turner probably won't be able to play well next to each other. Philadelphia might decide to go in a different direction and draft Derrick Favors from Georgia Tech or DeMarcus Cousins from Kentucky. Favors is a Power Forward but at the combine he measured out to be almost the same as Orlando's stud Center Dwight Howard. Cousins may have more talent and potential but he has some off the court issues that the 76ers might not be willing to take a risk on. This leads us to believe that Favors is the Favorite to be selected with the number two overall pick and play Center. That would give the 76ers a starting lineup up of Holiday at the point, AI at the 2-guard spot, Thad at Small Forward, Brand and Speights at the 4 and Favors and Dalembert to play Center. The other possible option would be for the Sixers to trade the pick. Only time will tell what the Sixers will do with the number two overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. Their pick can change effect the rest of the draft dramatically based upon who they select.