Hometown: Mesquite, TX

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 225

Position: Power Forward

Team: Baylor

Class: Senior
#4 Quincy Acy  | F

Right-handed… Acy had a monster start to his junior year while Perry Jones was coming along, but has since slowed down. He's really an undersized power forward more so than a small forward, but he has elite-level athleticism to make the shift over as a versatile forward at the next level… He's only 6'6", 6'7", but has a tremendous wingspan of 7'3". His energy and toughness made Acy a decent prospect, but now that he is scoring and knocking down mid-range jumpers, Acy has impressed scouts in his junior year… Last season, playing alongside Tweety Carter, Ekpe Udoh and LaceDarius Dunn, Acy shot nearly 70 percent from the field; his offense was created for him mainly on alley-oops, wide-open dunk opportunities and put-backs. This season, his efficiency has dropped to 53 percent shooting, but is creating more for himself. He is scoring off post-ups, isolation plays and midrange jumpers. His offense at the next level will mostly come by the way of offensive put-backs, running the floor in transition and diving to the rim until his offensive game furthers… Acy isn't there yet defensively, but he has the makings of an outstanding defender. 7'3" wingspan, excellent athlete, intensity and toughness.

Many scouts view Acy as a small forward at the next level, based on his size and athleticism, but he has yet to develop the outside shot to make this transition easy. Through three years and 100+ games in a Baylor uniform, Acy has yet to make a three-point field-goal… His lack of size and bulk will hurt him on both ends of the court. He is a power forward, stuck in a small forward's body at 6'6" and average bulk… Acy will have to make strides defensively to play at the next level. He doesn't regularly stay in front of his man on the perimeter and doesn't do a great job bodying up his opponent on the blocks. He'll look to block the shot, instead of staying on his feet, so he bites on too many pump fakes.

The Scouting Report: