#1 Ricky Ledo | G

Hometown: Providence, RI

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 195

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Providence

Class: Freshman

Right-handed… Surprised to see a Providence player this high in the rankings? Ledo is the best prospect to suit up for the Friars since the 70s, possessing potentially better scoring instincts than 2011 first-round pick, Marshon Brooks… This 6'6" guard is the ideal mix of size, length and superior athleticism with the ball-handling to create for himself in getting to the rim or creating enough separation to hit the bucket off the dribble. He is a springy, quick-footed, dynamic athlete. Off-the-dribble, Ledo has a very tight handle, capable of breaking down the defense with a variety of moves and double-moves- his go-to is his inside-out move, but can effectively cross-up and step back. He displays tremendous body control to take a hit to his slender frame and finish with contact, thanks almost entirely to his explosive leaping abilities and hang-time in the air… Ledo is one of the most dynamic players in the Draft class with his ability to attack the rim. He is relentless in keeping the defense off balance and on their heels where he just keeps going and going- a cross, a step-back, a hesitation, inside-out, through the legs and turning the corner, Ledo can do it all.

Ledo is crafty to a fault at times with his offensive abilities. He is more than dynamic with the ball in his hands, stringing together one or two ankle-breaking moves, but then reacting slow or not at all to the space created. Whether he doesn't always recognize the effect or is just slow to react, Ledo should be exploding out of his dribble by his man after every move or every other move. But instead, he is more than happy to put on a show for the crowd… His jumper needs a little fixing per his form as he slings the ball a bit- it starts off in front of his face on the wrong side of his head and then he pushes it across and out of his hands. Because of this, Ledo's awkward release is a bit slow and high-arcing to compensate… Ledo has a tendency to play too quickly sometimes. Catching the ball on the wing and immediately putting the ball on the deck and driving it too the rim. The aggressiveness is great, but there are more than a few instances when a simple shot-fake would have had his man flying by on the close-out and Ledo could have pulled-up for a wide open jumper… For his ability to break down the defense, Ledo rarely looks for his teammates off the dribble and really only looks to put up the next highlight play.
The Scouting Report: