Rondo Makes the Celtics Go

        Perhaps the most overlooked player entering the 2010-11 NBA season was Rajon Rondo and with good reason. He "withdrew" from Team USA after a Coach's Decision- DNP in the team's final exhibition game before heading to Istanbul, Turkey for the World Championships Tournament. Since then, Rondo was on the radar no more. The summer was spent following the John Wall sweepstakes in the NBA Draft, the United States' run for gold, LeBron's "Decision" and the questionable happiness of stars Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. Somewhere lost in there was youngster Kevin Durant making a run at LeBron trying to defend his two-time MVP status, while Kobe goes for his third straight ring and second overall MVP. No one seemed to focus on Rondo's development as the Boston Celtics point guard, the one that makes them go.

        Leaving Team USA to "take care of personal matters and prepare for another championship run" where he almost certainly would have been the last guard off the bench, may have the best move the 24-year old could have done. Even when his shots aren't falling, Rondo seems more motivated to utilize the bevy of weapons by his side, i.e. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Glen Davis and so on on this stacked Boston squad. He has continued his dynamic play through each game this season, setting up his teammates and limiting his turnovers on offense, while forcing turnovers with his pesky defensive style

        And the best part? There's no real reason to see Rondo slowing down that much. He is destined to average 40 minutes a game with his high-quality play and Boston's lack of depth at point guard. He is currently assisting on over half of the Celtics' hoops, while as a team (and a large part due to Rondo), Boston is third best with a .482 field-goal percentage.

By Corey Ruff - 11-4-10