Royce White's Up/Downs

       Many front office personnel, especially those statisticians and advanced analysts, have fallen in love with the on-court Royce White. However, it's the off-the-court Royce White that worries them.

        White was the powerful force, a versatile combo-forward that made him near-impossible to matchup with, that sparked Iowa State's resurgence under coach Fred Hoiberg. With the size of an NBA 4, White just may be the third best passer in this draft behind point guard Kendall Marshall and Scott Machado with the court vision to match; he led the Cyclones in scoring (13.4 points), rebounding (9.3), assists (5.0), steals (1.2) and blocked shots (0.9). His playmaking was on display at the Chicago Combine, setting up his power forward counterparts with swift entry passes and on-target alley-oop set-ups.

        However, his shot was clanking missing most, if not all of his mid-range jumpers, just as he did throughout the 2011-12 season. He admitted in an interview that he was a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none with plenty to work on, including his off-the-court issues. White is hoping that he can overcome his anxiety that plagues him and win front office personnel and team psychiatrists over with honesty throughout the one-on-one interview period.

By Staff Writer - 6-7-12