Is trading for Carlos Boozer a bad idea for the Raptors?

The NBA trade deadline is next Thursday but we might have our biggest trade yet already nearing competition and is in the finalizing stages. The Chicago Bulls have been looking to dump Carlos Boozer and his bloated contract for some time now and it appears they have someone willing to take him on. The Toronto Raptors are a head nod away from acquiring both Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson from the Chicago Bulls. Key phrase being "a head nod away." According to reports, the Bulls have already agreed to trade Boozer and Robinson in exchange for Andrea Bargnani and John Lucas III. The only thing holding the trade up from completion is for Toronto to sign off on it. In trading Boozer, the Bulls would dip back below the luxury tax threshold and would avoid having to pay a tax at the end of the season. Never in the history of the franchise have the Bulls had to pay the luxury tax and it was looking like this year would be a first. But moving Boozer means relieving $5 million as Bargnani's salary is $10 million versus Boozer's $15 million.